Engraved Stones Make Personal & Memorable Gifts

Instead of shopping for the usual the next time you need to get a gift – why not choose the unusual instead?! When you get a custom engraved stone for someone, it’s a gift that will truly stand out and be unlike any other gift they will receive (maybe ever!).

Personalized carved stones are sure to be an amazing, long-lasting, and treasured gift!

When you are looking for a gift for someone who is really meaningful to you, choose something that they will remember and cherish forever. An engraved stone can fit an individual’s style, tastes and interests. Now, it’s rare to find that exact combination in a mass-produced product!

The way to make your gift remarkable is to make it personal. A really personal gift, that is something the individual couldn’t have chosen for themselves more perfectly, is much more meaningful than just picking something up at a store. When you come up with something yourself that is unique and made especially for the recipient, it can really resonate. More importantly, it shows you really care.

If you know a lover of the handcrafts, art, and custom design – a personized carved stone is ideal!

Here are our tips to help you make your gift more personal and more meaningful:

Connect the Gift to their Hobbies & Interests

Think about what really makes this person smile, get excited or how they love to spend their time. Do they love their work? How about an image related to their profession. If they are an outdoor or hunting enthusiast, crafting whiz, sports fan, or avid gardener, we can create a symbols of their passion.

Personalize, Personalize, Personalize!

We can carve nearly anything, and there is so much that can be engraved. Their name, other text, or sayings they will resonate with. We can help you come up with something that fits their personality and interests for a message that comes from your heart and will really touch theirs.

Center the Stone around a Memory or Experience

Bring back the good old days or once in a lifetime experience. Recreate the memory with a particular image, saying or other inscription. You and one of their best days will come to mind each time they see the custom engraved stone you got them.

Consider a Heartfelt Message

While there is limited room on a stone, making it personal by adding your own words is truly special. Think about what you love about this person, what words come to mind to describe them, or how they make your life or the world a better place. We don’t tend to tell the people we love how much we value them enough. You can tell them in the words inscribed in the stone you select.

Give the Gift of Art

When you have a stone custom engraved for someone, the recipient will love and treasure this piece of art you had created just for them. Need we say more?

Let your gifting be inspired!

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