Contractors, Developers, Landscapers – Custom Carved Stones Bring Real Value

Engraved stones at your business or project site offer daily reminders of your business!  

Mark Your Business Location in Style

Custom carved stonework doesn’t end with personal uses! A simple stone can transform into a daily reinforcement of your branding at your business location. Engraved stones can very successfully be used in business and office applications. We can create a business name and logo stone as your business signage, and address location marker. Stone projects can help to personalize a workplace. They will increase your marketing efforts with customers by helping them find you and making a quality impression. Large, engraved rocks can be placed in your business’s lobby, or on a patio or outdoor area. They can be added as decoration to an indoor or outdoor fountain. You might also consider creating some custom stones for a focal point on walkways. The ideas are endless to integrate carved stonework at your business!

Put a Development Name or Client Property Front & Center

Carved stones are a great way for contractors, hardscapers and landscapers to finish off a project for a client with real style. Your client will never forget your business and the extra effort you put into providing them a beautiful, customized engraving with their name, address or some other unique motif.

Most building developments have names. Instead of going with a painted sign that requires maintenance, how about engraving a substantial area of stone with the developments title. It will be a real mark of quality, you can be sure it won’t go anywhere during winter plowing and storms, and no need for annual care – a carved stone will be around for decades.

Landscaper & Hardscape Artists – Add a Design Detail that is Truly Unique

Customizable stones make beautiful accents to any home, yard, or business.  We can engrave everything from names and addresses to quotes and distinctive designs. When you finish a big client project – consider leaving behind something completely unique to add a very special accent to your design. Why not leave your client astounded by your added efforts and with a daily reminder of how much care you put into your projects.

Reach out to us to discuss how we can add a custom stone to your project.

If you are looking for a gift for a client or thank you to a special subcontractor – consider one of our carved stone gifts.

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