Author: WorkingStones

Contractors, Developers, Landscapers – Custom Carved Stones Bring Real Value

WorkingStones 1st June 2022
Engraved stones at your business or project site offer daily reminders of your business!   Mark Your Business Location in Style Custom carved stonework doesn’t end with personal uses! A simple stone can transform into a daily reinforcement of your branding at your business location. Engraved stones can very successfully be used in business and office applications. We can create a business name and logo stone as your business signage, and address location marker. Stone projects can help to personalize a workplace. They will increase your marketing efforts with customers by helping them find you and making a quality impression. Large,…

Engraved Stones Make Personal & Memorable Gifts

WorkingStones 24th May 2022
Instead of shopping for the usual the next time you need to get a gift – why not choose the unusual instead?! When you get a custom engraved stone for someone, it’s a gift that will truly stand out and be unlike any other gift they will receive (maybe ever!). Personalized carved stones are sure to be an amazing, long-lasting, and treasured gift! When you are looking for a gift for someone who is really meaningful to you, choose something that they will remember and cherish forever. An engraved stone can fit an individual’s style, tastes and interests. Now, it’s…